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Our Process
1. Cut steel wire, shape it and round the tips of the wire
2. Clean the molds by applying oil
3. Mix row materials and create concrete
4. Place the wire into the molds and fill it with concrete
5. Cover the molds with its lids and tighten the wire for good tension
6. Spin the molds using the spinning machine
7. Let the poles undergo the curing process with the use of boilders
8. After leaving them for a night, remove the lid
9. Soak the poles in water for about 7 days. Then it is ready!

We currently produce 5 different sizes of concrete poles - with length 7M, 8M, 9M, 10M and 12M. The high quality durable reinforced concrete we use here create a smooth and strong finish to every single pole that comes out of our factory. The design engineers here are always finding better ways to be both cost effective and eco-friendly. Whether it is for a marine environment or for harsh soil conditions, we make sure that the poles work well with great excellence and durability. Once ready, the poles are distributed throughout the different regions of Myanmar for electrical power transmission. The second biggest use in our country is for decorative street lighting. Other applications of our poles include rail electrification, communication towers, high voltage transmission poles, and wind turbine support structures. We believe that we have the capacity to provide our nation’s electrical distribution needs far into the future.